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With the growing influence of the social media in the way we interact with different people all over the world, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently posted a letter on his Facebook profile outlining a new vision for the its future. In that he outlined to focus on some key areas like help people to build supportive groups and networks, develop community safety measures which can prove out to be useful in times of crisis to reduce harm and provide help to the needy, spread accurate information, provide a platform to get all the voices heard, and enable inclusion towards global communication and collaboration. These will provide guidelines to have an impact on the future developments by Facebook help contact at +1-855-777-5686.

To facilitate supportive groups it will be emphasized more and many of the page elements will be implemented into the Facebook groups. It will lead to the increase in their engagement. Many new tools and updates will be provided to the groups. Groups have already received some of the features like discussion topics, bio prompts, and member application questions.

In order to prevent the people from hurting themselves or others with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning before any users action end in tragedy. With the new payment prompts you are reminded from the Facebook itself when you owe money to someone based on the text messages. It can also help in removing the content that do not follow the guidelines and help people in need.

Also laying focus on the fake news important updates are implemented. The news feed algorithm update announced recently provides a major update where the trending news are based on the number of times a news has been published and not based on the number of citations of the users. Along with it, it will also display the name of the source of information and the link. More and more local news providers will be partnered with to provide the users with reliable information on Facebook Customer Support.

Many new tools will be introduced to increase civic engagement which can be used to increase civic discourse and raise awareness. A new system is also in progress to determine the cultural norms for different countries as something which deemed offensive in a region may be acceptable in other regions. The content will now be blocked based on the local laws.

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